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Food is a basic necessity, and without it, there is no existence. But in several walks of life, it has become

more than just a need. As humans, our senses have

taken the simple act of eating and transformed it
into an experience. 

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The context behind food has changed over the years; it has become a social, political and economic concern, thereby presenting creative opportunities. We at FED want to enhance and further create new refined experiences around the food ecosystem through our work and collaborations. 



FED is an inter-disciplinary Food Design
studio focusing on creating impactful
experiences. The studio is the first of its
kind in India specializing in Food Design
working on social and commercial projects.




Design Strategy
Research & Analysis
Concept Development 
Project Management

Communication Design Graphic Design
Logo Design & Branding
Editorial & Presentations 
Space Graphics

System Design
Customer Experience
Food Styling
Product Marketing 

Social Media Marketing 
Content Management 
Content Writing 
Story & Promotion Design
Website Design
Newsletters & Emailers

Not an F&B brand but like our Design language and process? We enjoy working
on select projects with interesting ideas and collaborators. Contact us to know more

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The designed experiences are delivered through Art Direction and Management, Communication Design, and Strategy Consultation. Through this process, we are hoping to create a meaningful impact and build a better food ecosystem.


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Our main focus with the work we do is to use design principles for problem solving and innovation. The final idea/solution takes shape depending on what the project requires and best suited for the target audience.



Want to collaborate? Write to us

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