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To Heart


MIT is an Organic farm which has been delivering vegetables and other fresh produce to cities like Chennai and Coimbatore over the last few years. Their aim has been to create awareness and a healthy lifestyle through their organic produce. Earth to Heart is a unit of MIT Organic Farms where they sell their non-perishable produce which is 100% organic.


For this project, we started with Brand identity and creating the complete brand language which would be carried forward to the packaging and digital marketing communication. 

Paper Pouch Packaging MockUp.jpg
E2H Logo_Highres.png
Snapseed 3_edited.jpg


The concept behind the identity was to showcase the growth and the energy that nourishes the process within us and nature. The heart blooming like a flower represents a new beginning. Connecting it to the customer's journey with MIT’s organic food. The leaves branching out and the semi-circle represents the ecosystem that flourishes at their farm. 



We wanted to keep the graphic language very clean and minimal. We worked around a colour palette to indicate each product. We will be working on custom packaging once the brand expands but we wanted to make sure that the communication is very informative for the customer even with just the stickers. The research was done on each product so that we can share a few points about the product and how it could be used. Along with the brand, we are looking forward to seeing how we can incorporate sustainability into the brand. 

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