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Earthed creates all-natural high quality skincare bath and body

products. Each product is formulated with careful research as to how

each ingredient affects the product and skin type it is formulated for.

All products are handmade in smaller batches to make sure only purest, organic and natural ingredients go to the skin. Their mission is to provide the most effective skincare products with the highest quality natural ingredients only.

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Earthed Branding Presentation -30.png
Earthed Branding Presentation -29.png
Earthed Branding Presentation-40.png
Earthed Branding Presentation_u-45_edited.jpg
Earthed Branding Presentation-50.png
Earthed Branding Presentation-49.png
Earthed Branding Presentationn-50.png


The focus of the brand identity was to bring luxury and the purity of the products. The name Earthed has a very raw and enriched tone to it which we wanted to incorporate into the logo in a subtle manner. Though our client wanted to the logo to portray that the brand is routed to India, we wanted to move away from what one would typically mean India. Our focus was to make it contemporary India which in our view is bold, luxurious and one that celebrates beauty in any form. 

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